Everyones seen em..
Everyone knows what they mean,
especially in the Eastern world..
but in my world,
it’s a transformation,
a completion,
a circular balance
if you will.

It’s my reason for living, continuing, surviving,
moving along in today’s world.
I want my art to bring balance.
This is my art, as it is now.


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Mandala’s have also been an obsession of mine.
I’ve also been obsessed with symmetry,
especially circles.
Circles are very symbolic.
They resonate in all cultures.
Eastern, Western, religious and not.
To see this universal symbol means equality.
To achieve balance.

I want my mandalas to resonate with everyone.

I also see this as art therapy.
Therapy that transcends, when completed.
When my art is shared,
it shall bring questions answered,
and people connected.


Everyone’s connected.
Everyone’s healed.
Everyone’s spiritually aware.
That is my wish.

I hope is that everyone heals,
with whatever path they are on.
Whatever tragedy or emotional trauma
have struck.

This simple gesture of art will bring comfort,
solace and sympathetic vibrations to all
who see it and meditate on it.


Share them.
Let me know what you see or feel,
when you view my mandalas.
I’ll be listening.
I’ll be waiting.
I’ll be here,
making my art,
just for you.